Marine crankshaft

All pulleys are CNC machined and are tumble polished semi-polished, satin finish. It is to replace existing Serpentine setups only! At Hardin Marine we manufacture the finest high speed deep groove engine pulleys available. Each pulley is manufactured from T6 billet aluminum using Tru-Trac technology. Tru-Trac allows the V-belt to ride deep in the belt groove for maximum belt contact. Both the power steering and sea pump pulley use mandrel mounting features that protect the pulley from undue shaft heat.

The most common cause for failure in lesser quality pulleys is caused from heat transferring to the pulley releasing from the shaft causing undue damage and safety hazards. All Hardin Marine shaft mount style pulleys use mandrels assuring you the best money can buy.

Power steering pump mandrel. These are billet crankshaft pulleys that are CNC precision machined from T-6 billet aluminum. Big Block Chevy Billet Small Diameter Crank Pulley - Machined from solid billets of the highest-grade aircraft aluminum for maximum durability and feature deep, precision-machined groove to ensure belt retention, even during extreme changes in engine rpm.

These pulleys have a black anodized hard-coat for extended life and corrosion resistance. Diameter 5. Machined from T6 billet aluminum. Comes highly polished.

All Hardin Marine sea pump pulleys for Gen 4 V-groove belts use a mandrel on the pump, then the pulley bolts to the mandrel. Some manufacturers sell you a press-on pulley, these usually work themselves off. This needs a mandrel to mount. Your Account. Shopping Cart 0. Engine Parts - Pulleys. Back to Parent Category. Alternator Pulleys. Circulating Pump Pulleys.

marine crankshaft

Power Steering Pulleys. Sea Pump Pulleys.Read More About Us. FAQs Dealer Login.

ENGINEERING UNBOXED: How to prevent crankshaft breakage!

Established inCrankshaft Rebuilders is a privately held corporation that has grown from a small job shop to one of the largest crankshaft remanufacturing facilities in the United States producingcrankshafts annually.

Our inventory and production allows us to not only fill the large orders your business needs, but enables you to provide your customers with those hard to find applications. Software: Copyright Wave Internet, Inc. Exec Time: 0. Crankshaft Rebuilders remanufactures the highest quality crankshafts and should be used for all engine rebuilds. Technical Information.

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Quality Crankshafts. Join Our Newsletter. Crankshaft Rebuilders offers its client base a toll free technical support line. Monday - Friday ampm est. You will speak with an actual CRI employee, no call centers! Crankshaft Rebuilders uses the latest innovation in finish technology QPAC to ensure that your customers receive the highest quality remanufactured crankshaft. Enter your email address and be included in new company information, pertinent product and technical information and new product availabilty.A premium membership for higher-level suppliers.

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Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Supplier Types Trade Assurance. Supplier A premium membership for higher-level suppliers. Supplier Location. Order : OK. Ready to Ship. Showroom Location None Italy. Car Fitment Ford Bmw Universal. After-sales Service Provided Online Support. BusinessType China marine crankshaft marine crankshaft suppliers.

Contact Supplier. Weichai Steyr marine diesel engine crankshaft wd Cummins KTA19 marine construction machinery steel crankshaft High Quality Rimless Unisex marine engine crankshaft. When is the delivery time9 Answer in principlewe need at least 3 days to receive the bank notice. Can your company provide the samples for free9 Answer The free samples are vailablebut only can be used te small items.

Good service designs online hot sale marine engine crankshaft. K19 diesel engine part forged Crankshaft EM engine parts type crankshafts. Top Quality crankshaft for Marine diesel engine.

Contact welcome new and old customers, to discuss cooperation matters. Thank you! Yuchai engine FD-P1 Crankshaft. K38 Gear Crankshaft for cummins marine engine.

Genuine diesel engine part Engine steel crankshafts Crankshaft ld28 engine year of engine High quality stainless steel crankshaft pulley. Whenever there is any problem of our products during its use, our saleswill be reponsible. But we will shorten our lead time according to customers' demands if we are able to.

About product and suppliers: 1, marine crankshaft products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba. A wide variety of marine crankshaft options are available to you, such as machinery repair shops, garment shops, and manufacturing plant.Below are the 8 steps we use in our crankshaft remanufacturing process. You can scroll down to view all steps or use the drop box to go directly to a particular step.

Pressing the red arrow buttons will bring you back to the top of the page. Crankshafts are removed from the engine blocks so a visual inspection of the crank casting can be done. Crankshafts with bad keyways, journals spun beyond machining specs or worn thrusts surfaces will be discarded. Adhering to strict quality standards, Promar will never use a welded shaft.

Once qualified in preliminary inspection, the crank is then sent for initial cleaning.

Engine Parts - Pulleys

Dirty Crankshaft. With twice the spraying power and dramatically increased number of multi-integrated spray nozzles, the state of the art system assures Promar that all oil, dirt and foreign material is removed from even the smallest of oiling holes.

The cleanliness of this crank is essential to insure an accurate magnetic particle crack detection test. Crankshaft After Washing Process. Magnetic particle inspection is the most definitive methods of detecting cracks and imperfections in any ferrous engine parts. This procedure assures the highest quality cores for crankshaft remanufacturing.

Continuing our efforts to produce the best and most reliable crankshaft repair product in the industry, we utilize the Berco RTM A precision crankshaft grinder.

Coupled with our expert craftsmen, this state of the art unit incorporates rigid construction and precise controls; affording Promar customers the most accurately ground crankshafts possible. Precise controls afford precision grinding, which is followed up by brush cleaning and chamfering of all oil passages.

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Crankshaft Grinding Process. Following these precise machining procedures, our cranks undergo a second high pressure wash cycle to guarantee the removal of any debris that may have adhered or become dislodged during the grinding process. Absolute cleanliness is necessary for the next step of crankshaft remanufacturing, which is micro-polishing and or balancing if needed. Promar's digitally controlled balancer is extremely accurate, producing precise balanced crankshafts during repair, it has the ability to measure unbalance from.

This process using the Sunnen DCB is optional for this application. Sunnen DCB Crankshaft Balancing Process.Troubleshooting with most newer outboards has become more complicated because of technological advances such as kill switches, start-in-gear protection, electronic ignition and fuel injection, and computer-controlled ignition timing.

But this flow chart will help you isolate the problem, so that you may be able to solve it at the dock or ramp with minimal tools in a short amount of time. If not, at least, you'll be able to speak intelligently about the problem to a mechanic. This is by no means a complete troubleshooting guide for starting problems. These are designed for technicians so the information may be hard to understand, but they can be a great aid in helping you diagnose and fix problems, if you're mechanically inclined and have the temperament to do so.

marine crankshaft

If you turn the key to crank the engine and nothing happens, keep the key in the "on" not all the way over to start position and check to see if other components such as lights and gauges operate. If you turn the key and the engine won't start but other components are working, check the gear shift to ensure it's solidly in neutral, as most outboards will not crank with the engine in gear.

Depending on your setup, the engine might not even crank if the kill switch is out. If your battery's reasonably charged, check the battery cables from the battery to the engine. If the starter engages and cranks slowly or not at all, your battery may be low. Check it using a voltmeter. A minimum of 12 volts is needed. Check the outboard's main fuse.

Typically located in a large red holder on the engine wiring harness, it's usually a amp fuse that's easily replaced. If it still won't crank, check the neutral switch. If you hear a clicking sound or a low whine but the starter won't engage the flywheel when you turn the key, the starter solenoid may be bad.

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Some advise against this, but often I'll tap it lightly with a small hammer as a helper turns the key. Check to see that fuel is getting to the engine.

marine crankshaft

Pump the primer bulb if equipped and ensure it gets firm after several squeezes. If it doesn't, check for leaks in the line, the tank or filter, the engine, and a bad valve within the bulb. Check filter s for water and sediment. One is on the engine. Another may be in line outside of the engine.

marine crankshaft

If the engine has an electric primer, you can usually remove one of the small fuel hoses that goes from it to the engine's intake or carburetor, and have a helper operate the primer usually pushing the key in while you watch to see if fuel squirts out.

Avoid letting fuel spill. Try replacing your spark plugs. If that doesn't help, consider calling a qualified mechanic. The engine may need new coils.

marine crankshaft

Check the exhaust outlets for blockage.Whether you are looking for S. Proud to supply a majority of the drag racing community with the top of the line Dodge crankshafts.

In addition to the Chevy, Ford and Dodge offerings, we have numerous other crank programs to build what you are looking for. Home of the Crankshafts that Champions Choose. Bryant Racing is the home of the crankshafts that Champions Choose and where every customer is treated like a Champion! Regardless of the size of your shop or team, you can expect the same high quality customer service. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible high performance crankshaft at a fair price with the best possible service.

The highest quality USA Made performance crankshafts come from us and we continually strive to innovate and update every aspect of our crankshaft manufacture and development processes to maintain our standard as the Industry Leader for high performance crankshafts.

I have been building engines for a long time and started using Bryant Racing crankshafts in Sincethey are the only crankshafts I have used — because I know they will be right when I get them.

If you are going to build a quality engine, you have to use quality parts and Bryant Racing crankshafts are as quality as you can get! The crew at Bryant Racing is knowledgeable, great to work with and build the best possible crankshaft.

As long as I am building engines, I will only use Bryant Racing crankshafts! I feel that buying a Bryant crank gives you 2 options! The power to run up front with the Best in the business and also enough power to wheelie so high that you smash the back of your wing. My opinion if you want the Best you must run the Best engine parts available.

Bryant Racing cranks to me is the best foundation for a healthy engine. The latest crankshaft is an absolute work-of-art, right down to the REM finish that helps deliver outstanding performance and reliability it looks too good to put in the motor! We also value the prompt delivery of our crankshafts and the regular communication throughout each project.

We will also run 2 to 3 independent events. I want to thank you and Bryant racing for your continued support and we are looking forward to a great season. Skip to content. Mar 3 March 3, Feb 20 Feb 15 February 15, Feb 12 Oct 25 October 25, Peter Caughey Racing.Complete BDS polished 8.

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JE dish blower piston with 8. Merlin IV 9. This engine had ft. On the dyno, 18 pulls were made to optimize timing, jetting, etc. Different rocker ratios and carb spacers were also tested. Ohio Crankshaft billet 5.

This was a very conservative tune up, with a lot of retard and would be an ideal starting point. Picture This in your Street Rod. Motown block Ohio Crankshaft x 4. World Billet Cap Block Other options available. Merlin III 9. BMP aluminum 9. This is the blown Big Block Chevy that kicks out Horsepower and ft lbs of torque with 8lbs of boost on 92 octane pump gas. The Ohio Crank dynos at: horsepower with E and horsepower with race gas.

The goal was not top horsepower, although is pretty good, but a broad torque curve. Many options available. Dart degree heads 9. Merlin III block - 4. Dyno Results: Horsepower Ft Lb Torque This is a special project for the Super class, and serious bracket racer, that needs power and torque, but also has to make rounds all day without motor maintenance.

Merlin III See dyno sheet here Complete ready to run HP on pump gas, over ft lb of torque at rpm, great idle, smooth operation. Dart

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